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Some Reflections on Rest

Today, I Rest

I don’t need fancy moves today. I don’t want handstands or crow poses, hollow body holds or revolved triangles. I don’t want breath of fire, or skull shining breath, or breath retentions.

I don’t begrudge the repetitions. I don’t hate on the powering through. I don’t look down on the empowered muscled demonstrations of capacity. I’m dutifully and honestly impressed by the drive.

But today I don’t want to impress with how long I can carry the weight.

Today I ask How skillfully I can set it down? How lovingly and I can move away without wistfulness?

I’m here to celebrate the consistent, the quiet, the do it when no one is watching, almost unnoticed increments of progress.

I’m cultivating slow. I require the introspection of moving in steady a rhythm. I want breath to merge with body, the metronome of a beating heart to be the guide. And above all, I herald the boring and yet the most revolutionary Act of Rest.

Not because I can’t take one more step or push anymore. But because I can. I can do more. But because I choose to stop. To lie down. To withdraw. To be still. To be exactly as I am in the moment. With nowhere to go, but here. With nothing to do. But this.

Today, I rest.

The So-Called “Yoga Challenge”

my yoga challenge is not requiring more work efforting alone

my yoga challenge is not discomforting endeavors hard working dramas my yoga challenge is not pushing body expanding capacity is yours? my yoga challenge is honoring kindness being present my yoga challenge is managing sorrows knowing love my yoga challenge is arriving abiding serving breathing reflecting learning understanding stopping resting is yours?

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