On-Demand Yoga Classes

Access recorded yoga classes with content rotating weekly as part of the Unlimited and Essential Membership plans

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these on-demand yoga classes the right level for me?

Tara’s On-Demand Library includes classes for all levels. Helpful descriptions say things like “All levels; great for beginners” or “Intermediate level; challenging but doable for beginners with some yoga experience.”

How long are the videos?

Choose from 15 minutes, 30, 60, as well as 75 minutes.

I always spend too much time choosing from on-demand services and end up feeling overwhelmed by too many choices. Will this happen?

Nope! There are 7 to 10 classes available on-demand each week, some classes stay the same and others rotate. You’ll have a great selection but you won’t ever feel overwhelmed by too many options.

I’m looking for Restorative Yoga. Do you offer that?

In addition to the 7 to 10 active yoga classes available on-demand each week, there are also 4 or 5 Restorative Yoga classes available.

I don’t see the kind of practice I want to take. What should I do?

Contact Tara and she’ll consider your request for an on-demand yoga class that exactly meets your needs. She loves getting feedback like this.

Do I need any special app or device to watch?

Not at all. You can watch on any device with an internet browser.