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Private Yoga Lessons

Young woman doing private yoga lesson online with an instructor on a computer.

Group classes don’t always give you what you need. Sometimes you could use more individualized attention. Enter private yoga lessons.

In a private lesson, we will:

  • Learn how to adapt and adjust poses.

  • Find practices suited to your unique body.

  • Develop a clear path to reach your goals.

  • Build accountability for showing up for yourself.

  • Commit to your yoga practice with enthusiasm.

In these private yoga lessons, Tara offers you specific support and instruction. You’ll get a yoga program built especially for you with a custom set of yoga tools.

Questions about your practice?

Book a quick one-on-one call with Tara for professional guidance on your yoga practice. Talk to Tara about personalized yoga pose variations that work for your body, information about different types of yoga, the benefits of Tara Lemerise Yoga memberships, and more!

Office Hours
  • 15 min

    10 US dollars

Personalize your practice

Private yoga sessions have many amazing benefits, including access to personalized instruction that can help you deepen your practice at any level.

Even yoga teachers benefit from private lessons! Tara once took a private lesson by accident, and it led to some great insights.

I learned so much from my private session with Tara – about refining basic poses, fine-tuning the transitions between poses, and how to make allowances for the idiosyncrasies of my body.  Having an individualized session definitely helped me get more from my group classes. Highly recommended!

Lisa M., Washington, D.C.

Tara is a terrific teacher and mentor. She took a rapidly aging man from no background in yoga to the point where I not only continue my regular lessons but also attend classes and have begun practicing at home. It has made a remarkable difference to my life and health.  Tara is patient but demanding, a natural communicator who radiates her enthusiasm.

Kenn A., Washington, D.C.

My private sessions with Tara Lemerise have been a wonderful and important part of my yoga journey — perhaps the best “yoga money” I’ve spent. The personalized attention enriches my practice, giving me greater confidence and self-awareness on the mat.

Amy S., Washington, D.C.

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