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With our monthly subscription, you can unlock a world of yoga. Practice at your own pace, live-streamed, or in person at a beautiful retreat center. Members get access to resources, discounts, and a supportive community of fellow yoga lovers. Tailor your practice or broaden your horizons right here at Tara Lemerise Yoga.

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Total access to live-stream yoga & Restorative yoga classes.

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Tara approaches the teaching of yoga from her heart and her firm knowledge base of the practice and the philosophy of yoga. She is always fully present and engaged with each yogi on a personal level. Every session is taught with joy, humor, and deep caring.

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I'm Tara.

I've been studying yoga for 23 years and teaching for 17.

During the pandemic, away from in-person classes and the yoga studio model, I have relied on and trusted myself on my yoga mat and in my life in new ways.


This unexpected gift of being able to lean into the maturity of my practice, has created a relationship with yoga that feels more authentic and honest and present than ever before.

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*According to a September 2022 survey of subscription members.

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*According to a September 2022 survey of subscription members.

This yoga is Ancient Wisdom adapted for your Modern Life.

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Tara has a boundless amount of energy, a natural confidence and presence when teaching, and creates a calm, centered and joy filled space for every class. Her love for what she does is obvious, and her love of yoga is transferred into every student who takes a class with her. 

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of Tara's students feel their membership has enhanced their yoga practice.*

*According to a September 2022 survey of subscription members.

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