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Journey to Embodiment Yoga Retreat in Greece

Journey to Embodiment
May 13-19, 2024
Amorgos Island, Greece

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There is something profound about the quiet but undeniable power in the grace and fluidity of the perpetually moving ocean, especially when it comes up against the stability and immovability of a mountain. The breath-taking Greek island of Amorgos where the ocean meets mountain will set the scene for a week that will support you in uniting the constantly changing with the steady unwavering parts of you. This captivating juxtaposition is the visual representation of the magic available when we welcome and embrace our own contradictions.

Yoga is never “this or that”; it is always “this and that.” Yoga is the state of uniting our seemingly disparate pieces into one comprehensive piece and it is the aim of this week-long retreat. From creative but accessible flowing moving practices to deeply restful Restorative Yoga practices, the classes on this retreat will offer you exactly what you need to feel empowered, rested, and inspired.

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Not all yoga happens on a mat and the schedule for this retreat also provides plenty of time for you to do whatever will nourish you most. Perhaps you will explore the island on optional guided tours or other organized adventures. You might decide to take a walk along blue water beaches to explore underwater caves or spend time on the ancient hiking trails. You can book spa treatments, take naps in your beautiful well-appointed room, and relax by the pool. 

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Journey with Tara and a supportive and encouraging community of like-minded souls to celebrate your embodiment while you take exquisite care of yourself on this epic yoga vacation.

This retreat took place in May 2024. Check Tara's upcoming retreats here.

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