Choose your Membership Plan

  • Best Value


    Every month
    $650 value for just $108!
    • Unlimited live-streaming (and Restorative!) yoga classes
    • All access to on-demand classes
    • 20% off live-streaming courses
    • Priority registration for Restorative Yoga retreats
  • Essential

    Every month
    $148 value for just $67!
    • 5 live-stream classes (including Restorative) per month
    • All access to on-demand classes

Frequently asked questions

How are memberships billed? Do I have to give my credit card each time?

Membership plans are on auto-pay. Just like a gym membership or Netflix, once you set up your payment information, you will be charged each month until you cancel.

Can I pay by check or Venmo/Zelle/Cashapp?

No. Payments are only accepted by PayPal or with credit/debit cards directly through Wix Payments, the payment processor on my website.

I'm still not sure which membership is right for me. Can you help?

If you come to class more than once per week, the Unlimited membership plan is the best deal, hands down. If you come to class once per week, or you take On-Demand classes and come to live-stream classes occasionally, the Essential membership plan is right for you.

Can I just pay for one class at a time?

Sure. The single class fee is $20 per class. However, if you sign up for a membership plan, your per class fee goes way down. With the Essential plan, even if you only come to 4 of the 5 classes available each month, you will be paying just $16.75 per class.

Membership plans auto-renew. Your card on file will be charged every month until you cancel.