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Journey to Ease Yoga Retreat in Jamaica

Journey to Ease
February 16-22, 2025
Trelawny, Jamaica

Good Hope pool1.jpg

It’s common to get caught up in the churning demands of life that require us to take action and exert effort in the doing. A retreat is an opportunity to step outside of your regular routines in order to reflect on the places where effort serves you and where it does not. 

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Jamaica, with its easy-going energy, is the perfect place for this kind of reset. While there is a beach day included in this retreat schedule, the real magic of Good Hope Villas is in the surrounding forests, green hills and lush valleys. You’ll find peace in the pristine river winding its way through the 2000-acre property and the wonder of the bioluminescent Luminous Lagoon. Unlike other Caribbean beach retreat locations, there is a feeling of being held by the forest and enjoyment to be found in the simple luxury of the beautiful accommodations. Even traveling to Good Hope Villas is easy! One flight and a short car ride will get you to our vacation home for the week.

The yoga practices on this retreat will encourage you to slow down and listen for the calling of your heart. This is a place where you’ll feel the energy of the earth calling you to steadiness in yourself. Surrounded by the flourishing green landscape in the open-air yoga studio, Tara will help you create a sanctuary in yourself as she guides you to explore how your body wants to move or be still. Slow flow, contemplative meditations, and long-held Restorative Yoga postures are the vehicles for self-inquiry and support.

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Not all yoga happens on the mat and the schedule for this retreat includes options for a night visit to experience the magic of the bioluminescent Luminous Lagoon, time at the private beach 15 minutes from the retreat center, river tubing, pottery classes with well-known Jamaican potter David Pinto, as well as hiking and horseback riding on the trails. You can also book spa treatments, take naps in your well-appointed room, and relax by the pools on site. 

Journey with Tara and a supportive and encouraging community of like-minded folks to find soul-settling ease while you take exquisite care of yourself on this epic yoga vacation. Join us to rest deeply, move freely, and come home to yourself.

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