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Contemplative Meditation & Movement

Contemplative meditation techniques led by Anna Franklin

  • 20 US dollars

Course Description

Contemplative meditation/prayer is about time in restful silence and the renewal and peace that comes from it. Opening to Presence and the Sacred in the wisdom of teachers, ancestors, and our lived experience offer us a way to create a firm and grounded foundation within ourselves. From this place, we can stand in solidarity, to use our privilege, and to act for justice and equity alongside all beings who roam the Earth. In this introduction to a diverse array of contemplative meditation and prayer techniques you'll experience embodied forms of practice, creativity, and sound. You will be encouraged to dive in and experience each for yourself, noticing what resonates and where curiosity arises. There will be ample time to practice, along with personal reflection time, and sharing in community. No prior experience is necessary, only a desire to experience greater Presence in our frenetic lives, communities, and world. Whatever your state and role in life, your background or tradition, there is something here for you! Use your membership or pay the single class drop-in fee. Link to the recording will be provided to all registrants.

Upcoming Sessions

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